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VALTYRON® -- from Senmi Ekisu Co., Ltd.

A novel way to protect your heart by maintaining normal blood pressure, derived from Nature

  • A Nature-based nutraceutical peptide ingredient from natural sardine
  • With the demonstrated activity of maintaining normal blood pressure
  • Suitable for your Heart Health
  • One of the most recognized nutraceutical ingredient in Japan

Maintaining normal blood pressure is good for your heart, brain, kidneys and eyes. In most cases, you can manage your blood pressure by getting physical activity, not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, managing stress, eating a healthy diet.

VALTYRON® helps your long-term healthy eating plan away from the discontent of limited diets for maintaining normal blood pressure.

VALTYRON® is one of the most recognized nutraceutical ingredients in Japan as blood pressure control or heart healthcare. Over 60 kinds of dietary food products containing VALTYRON® are approved or registered as "Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)" or "Food with Function Claims" from Consumer Affairs Agency, Japan, respectively.

VALTYRON for Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure

VALTYRON: a Water Soluble Powder

Scientific Relevance

VALTYRON® contains Valyl-Tyrosine with scientifically demonstrated activity to inhibit the production of angiotensin II which is responsible for the regulation of blood pressure.
Scientific studies showed that oral administraion of VALTYRON® has the benefit to maintain normal blood pressure (1-3).

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  2. Kajimoto, O. et al. (2003) Journal of Nutritional Food, 6(2):65-82.
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Hypothetical Mechanism

History of Development & Current Status

We and our academic collaborators spent 20 years on scientific studies ranging from biochemical assays to clinical examinations to develop VALTYRON® in the manner similar to approved drug development. The amount of VALTYRON® sold in 2018 reached 10,000 kg just in the Japanese market.

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Further Information

We have our original Jelly-filled straw type dietary supplement including VALTYRON® (Ketsuatsu Jelly) sold by BEST FOOD Co. Ltd, one of our group companies.