Who We Are

Our Company

Senmi Ekisu Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese manufacturer of "Nature-based" food ingredients and seasonings.

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Our Policy -- "Nature-based" food products

We promote a diet that supports a healthy life by offering "Nature-based" food products which are safe, delicious and of the highest quality.

"Nature-based" food products are products made from natural resources through processes that reproduce "natural biological reaction" under strictly controlled conditions in our HACCP and FSSC 22000 certified facility. The production schemes maximally avoid food contamination or violation and increase product reproducibility and quality.

FSSC 22000

Our ingredients and seasonings are produced by scientific extraction methods such as enzyme-assisted extraction of natural resources, the scheme reproducing natural biological digestion process.

We keep using the term, "Nature-based" for our products rather than "Natural" to clarify our production policy.

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History / Environment

Senmi Ekisu was established in 1976 Ozu in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Ozu is rich in nature with fresh water and various natural resources including fresh seafood and fish. Such an environment has been ideal for manufacturing nature-based food products. Our original products are developed and produced by science-based approaches.
We deliver our nature-based food products to all over the world.

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