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Privacy Policy and Usage of This Web Site

  • Senmi Ekisu Co., Ltd. (designated as "the Company" hereafter) shall handle any matters responsible for personal information and regarding the use of web site according to following "Privacy Policy" and "Usage of This Web Site".

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company handles information that could be used to identify individuals ("Personal Information") obtained through the Company's activities, in compliance with laws and other regulations concerning Personal Information.
  2. When requiring Personal Information of individuals, the Company clarifies purpose of usage of individual Personal Information through public media or by individually announcing the responsible persons. The Company informs the individuals or announces through public media when any requirement occurs for changing the purposes of use of the Personal Information.
  3. The Company shall not use Personal Information other than the purpose in the line with the aforementioned policies without agreement of individuals.
  4. The Company shall make all the practical efforts to protect Personal Information of individuals and prevent leaking, destructing and damaging Personal Information and protect from unauthorized access all Personal Information.
  5. Upon using third parties within the original purpose of handling the Personal Information, the Company shall not provide any Personal Information of individuals to third parties without prior agreement from the individuals, unless any requirement on the basis of laws and other regulations exists.
  6. Upon requirement of disclosure, correction, addition and suspension of provided Personal Information from the individuals, the Company perform all the actions necessary to realize the requirements from the individuals.
  7. The Company shall make every effort to construct appropriate systems that realize all the appropriate actions to handle Personal Information and continuously educate its workers to avoid any violation to the above policy.

Usage of This Web Site

  1. Using this web site
    1. Please read through the following "terms and conditions" and use this web site "" only when accepting the "terms and conditions".

    2. Alteration shall be made for the following terms and conditions without announcement to individuals.

  2. Prohibited matters
    1. Followings are prohibited upon using this site.
      1. Actions that violate or potentially violate the Company's or others' properties.
      2. Actions that inflict or potentially inflict loss to the Company or others.
      3. Actions that damage or potentially damage the Company or others.
      4. Actions that are or may be potentially against the public policy.
      5. Criminal actions or actions that can support criminal actions, or actions which potentially become criminal actions or supports of criminal actions.
      6. Business activities and commercial activities, or those to prepare for business and commercial activities.
      7. Fake application or fake notification using private information of others through any communication tools.
      8. Actions to use or provide harmful programs including computer viruses, malware, etc.
      9. Actions to falsify this web site or actions to prepare or potentially lead to falsifying this web site.
      10. Actions that violate or potentially violate laws and other regulations.
      11. Actions other than the above actions that the Company considers inappropriate.

    2. We shall remove all or a part of violation, if any, due to the breakage of above prohibitions without any announcement to individuals while the Company owes no responsibility for observation of this site all the time.

  3. Copyright
    1. Information provided in this site concerning to intellectual properties or other properties belongs to the Company or the individuals who provided the information. The use of information including duplication, falsification and publication should violate laws unless for the purposes allowed by the laws or private use.
    2. Intellectual property of contents that the Company sent to their customers belongs to the Company and any division or reproduction of the contents are prohibited.
    3. Trademarks or other intellectual properties used in this web site belongs to the Company or the individuals that allowed the Company to use, and using them without prior notification is prohibited.

  4. Disclaimers
    1. The Company do not guarantee correctness and completeness of information provided in this web site although the Company processes and regulates the content with highest care.
    2. The Company may close or stop providing this site or may change all or a part of the contents in this web site without any notification to individuals.
    3. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by using this web site or by being unable to use this site, for any troubles due to falsification by others, for any troubles due to unauthorized access to this web site, and for any problems during conversation and any communication through e-mail (including any damages caused by troubles between users of this web site).

  5. Browsers
    We tested following web browsers for reading this web site. The Company is not responsible for any problems in reading this web site by using browsing software other than the bellow.

    ·Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 and above
    ·Microsoft Edge
    ·Standard Web Browsers on Android 4.0 and above
    ·iOS Safari 10 and above

  6. Making Link to This Web Site and Links on This Web Site
    The Company is not responsible for any content and usage of the link page on this web site and web sites linking this web site. Making a link to this web site is basically allowed without any notification but we may ask discontinuing the link depending on the contents and purposes.

  7. Cookie
    This site uses Cookie but is not made for picking personals of readers. However, if the Cookie is refused on your web browser, this site may not be shown as originally intended.

  8. Governing law & Competent Court
    1. This site itself as well as the interpretation and operation of this policy follows Japanese laws
    2. Any conflict upon using this site and those related to this policy will be treated under Matsuyama District Court as a first competent court.